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Thread: First Beta/Preview Release of List & Label Library for DataFlex 2020

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    Default First Beta/Preview Release of List & Label Library for DataFlex 2020


    Attached you find the first Beta for the List & Label Library with Unicode and 64bit/32bit Support.

    The Library should work with List & Label Versions starting with List & Label 18. I have only tested it with List & Label 24 and 25. The Library is also capable of being used with older DataFlex Versions so you can also use it with i.e. DataFlex 18 too.

    Just unzip the Library to any Folder you like, remove the old Library in your Projects and add the new Version again. If you are using 64bit you have to look at the File "Redist.txt" in your List & Label Folder to identify the Dll's needed for 64bit. Normally this is everything you need to do with just a few Exceptions:
    If you are using any direct DLL Calls to List & Label (you can find them by searching LL*Ef) are using WStrings now.
    You have to change your calls to Use WStrings instead of the previously used Pointers to ANSI Strings
    If you are using any of the Functions

    • DefinePointerVariable
    • DefinePointerField
    • DefineMemoryVariable
    • DefineMemoryField
    • LLDefineVariableExtHandle
    • LLDefineFieldExtHandle

    you have to make sure that the passed Handle is now a Handle pointing to a WString.

    I have also implemented a Caching Mechanism to solve an Issue with repeated Get_Attribute Calls to Filelist.cfg Attributes which are failing after a while. Now all needed Attributes are cached in Memory for all open Files at the first Printjob. Files that are not open at this Time are cached on first use.

    Please test the Library with your Projects and report any Bugs in the Library Forum.

    @DAW: Great work so far, keep on going . The Library Update was quite a Bunch of work and i found no Pitfalls and Bugs so far. Congratulations!

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