I am guessing that this is not something DAW can fix, but...

In the studio editor, if I start typing a line:
    If var
And then realise that I actually wanted to type:
    If (var
So I left-arrow back to the start of var and type the "(", it puts the "(" at the end of var instead of the beginning where the cursor is and then repositions the cursor to after the "(":
    If var(
It doesn't happen if I use the mouse to position the cursor at the start of var, but as I am typing I have my hands on the keyboard, so generally I don't.

It doesn't happen if var is undeclared (or indeed a function name), only if var is a valid variable name and I use the left-arrow key to go back.

It also doesn't happen if I have already added a space after var and right-arrow back, only when I am at the end of var and right-arrow back to the start of it.

No biggie, but I thought I'd mention it as it is annoying.