DF 19.0, W-10 & 7 - In a view with an old dbGrid which changing to a cj is not an option, I need to prevent users from changing a couple of columns under some circumstances. I set DD_NoEnter in the DD prior to going to the dbTabView where the dbGrid resides and it does work as expected. In fact I'm setting it in Request_Switch_To_Tab before I even get to the tab with the dbGrid.

But... the data in the grid flickers horribly while the grid is filling with data. Remove the DD_NoEnter setting and there's a very little bit of flicker but I can live with that. Why in the world does setting DD_NoEnter cause such a thing? I tried setting dynamic_update_state prior to sending beginning_of_data that seems to not have any effect at all.

Does anyone know of any other ways to do this?