OK - I don't need help on feeling like an idiot, but this one is doing exactly that.

19.0 or 19.1. I want to show the time in a form. No date, no fractions of a second & I definitely don't want to do the work of DateGetHour, etc.

    Object oFormLastCheck is a Form
        Set Size to 13 68
        Set Location to 66 116
        Set Label to "Last Check:"
//        Set Form_Mask to "HH:mm:ss"
        Set Form_Mask to "hh:mm:ss"
// No set Form_Datatype - IOW Ascii_window
//        Set Form_Datatype to Mask_Window
        Set Form_Datatype to Mask_Datetime_Window
//        Set Form_Datatype to Mask_Time

//In a timer:

            Move (CurrentDateTime()) to dtNow
            Set Value of oWSFormLastCheck to dtNow
With any of the Date/DateTime Form_DataTypes set in the above, all I ever see is 01:00:00 & it does not change when the set value is called.

Without them (or any of the others I get the date & time - as if I'd never set a mask.

What am I missing? TIA