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Ah SQL. I was managing a project using CICS in 1980/81 when we were all sent on a course about Codd & Date's SQL , raw and regarded as unreliable at that time. We were told we had to design all files so that some basic principles of SQL would be built-in and we could convert when the time was right. Standards for everything, for instance - - actually had a programmer bet me a beer that SQL was just a fad and wouldn't be around in a year or two. He wasn't around long enough to pay out the bet.

The guy teaching the course actually proposed something like DF data dictionaries, but came at it as a way of documenting the pre-SQL database we were developing.

The memory of that project stays fresh (aka haunts me) because it was for the company that is the eventual owner of all the Royal Caribbean ships that are in port most days, and we had lunch every day among models of all their ships.
The ones that aren't in quarantine, right?