First, it's important to understand the role of .int files. In addition to the header of the .int (connection information and such), the role of the .int file is to store all the information about the structure of the data that the back-end can't supply itself (you can read more about that in the docs). So, when you only have the database, it's essentially the same as staring with native SQL data and connecting to it. Yes, .int files will be created, but they will only contain the header information and what the back-end can supply about the structure of the data. It would be a starting point on recreating the .int files, but putting back the rest would be arduous (or at least tedious).

Not sure why you had trouble using the wizard to create what they could, but since what you really want is the full .int files we may not want to chase that particular rabbit.

Bottom line is that you really need to consider the full set of complete .int files every bit as important as the database itself.