At this stage there are too many variable factors at play and at this stage I'm just looking for "it works for me" or "good spot"

If I create a user in MS-SQL SSMS and place a "European" character in the password say héllo for example

I can use this username and password to login via SSMS absolutely fine

In DF 19.1 if I show a dialog requesting the username and password so long as I ToAnsi the strings from the Forms before passing them to the DF CK via the connection manager then it logs into the database fine

In DF 20.0 however doing the same operation (without the ToAnsi obviously) fails, BasicLogin in the cConnection class returns an error rather than success

The e acute is the same code point in ANSI as it is in UTF8 so it should be fine
OEM é 130
ANSI é 233
UTF8 é 233

Has anyone tested a MS SQL login password that contains an é or similar characters from a DF20.0 application ?

Note we don't touch OEM_Translate_State in our code