With DF19.1 - The default height for (new) workspaces will be slightly smaller (a form height of 12) to be more consistent with other Windows applications.

When moving from DF19.0 to DF19.1, we have gone thru all our forms in all our views to reduce it by 1 dialog unit - our application now really fits in well with other windows applications side-by-side ( Plus+1 )

But, the buttons (though not many) now look odd as they are NOT the standard recommended size for windows and look rather large in comparison to the forms. Also when displaying standard win-dialogs (i.e. Message_box) the buttons do not match the default DF button sizing.

Microsoft recommends the buttons have an object size of 14 50, but a visual/visible size of 13 49

After much testing, we found an overwrite of the button size of 13 48 seems to do the job, to make it more consistent with other windows applications and standard windows dialogs.

My Question(s):

  1. Has anyone else encountered/notice this ?
  2. Has anyone else overwritten the default button size ?
  3. If so, what button size are you using ?