I am writing some code to give the user the option to click a button and create a new record -- the button will copy some data from the first record in the database to the new record, such that it is automatically saved when the new record is saved.

Clicking the button populates the two fields, but the save command CLEARS the two fields before the record is saved!

What is going on here?!

    Object oButton1 is a Button
        Set Size to 14 53
        Set Location to 71 281
        Set Label to "New Line Item"
        // fires when the button is clicked
        Procedure OnClick
            String sNotes
            String sFooter
            Send Clear of oEstimateDataToPrint_DD                    // Clear the database
            Send Find of oEstimateDataToPrint_DD FIRST_RECORD 1      // Find the first record
            Move EstimateDataToPrint.Footer to sFooter
            Move EstimateDataToPrint.Notes to sNotes            
            Send Clear of oEstimateDataToPrint_DD                    // Clear the database
            Set Value of oEstimateDataToPrintFooter to sFooter
            Set Value of oEstimateDataToPrintNotes to sNotes