I am struggling the entire day with a zoom webview to make a simple parent lookup to work.

View is header/detail style (Zoom with header, parents of main, and a child weblist, similar to ZoomOrder ).

The only difference is that I have more tables (DDs) involved.

The weblist's server DDo is properly Constrained to the view main DDo.

The NavigateForward and back works fine, when the select parent view (analogous to selecting a customer, in a order header), is closed, the proper record is correctly positioned at the ddo from the invoking view.

But, at some point, The navigate and refresh mechanism triggers RefreshListFromDD for the child weblist, which in turns call ClearGrid.
And when Clear of the weblist DDo is executed, clean_main_file is also called for all its parents.

That's when it clears the ddo buffer for the table that I have just selected and it was properly filled. But the table I am selecting is not a direct parent for the weblist's DDo.. Its just a parent for the view header.

The interesting part, by doing a trace, is that the Main View's DDo is not cleared. The constrain_File works properly and prevents that.
But somehow, the clear is being executed by it's parents.

The only "difference" from weborder sample, is that my view has more DDos involved.. and yes, I have presence of a diamond relationship.

This is a simplification of my DDO structure
                       /   \
                      /     \
EventType_DDO    Book_ddo    \       
      \          /           /
       \        /           /
      Event_DDO         Message_DDO
      (view main_dd)     /
              \         /
               \       /
              Constain_file to Event_DDO
I am performing the lookup for the EventType, a parent of the main_dd.
But its DD buffer is being cleared, when the WebList is cleared as well.

If I remove the webList from the view, but keep the DDO structure, there is not grid to be cleared, then, the lookup works properly.

I have reviewed the relationships.. Parent and Child DD structure of all tables involved.. they are all "correct".

Why EventType is being cleared, when child is properly constrained to event table, and eventtype is not a direct parent of the child ?

Hope this makes sense!