In 19.1 and drill down model, with all the changes to the URL history and navigation path registering, it is still possible to do a side ways jump?

For example pre 19.1 I could do..

- Drill down to a select view from the dashboard.

- Select a record and in OnRowClick in my Web List object

// OnRowClick:
Procedure OnRowClick String sRowId
    Send NavigateCancel
    Send NavigateForward Of oZoomView Self
End_Procedure // OnRowClick
This would then go back to the dashboard and forwards to the oZoomView view, I handle the record finding manually.

I know I can do the navigation differently, the normal path would be Dashboard -> oSelectView -> oZoomView

But I would like to know is a side ways jump still doable, and what's the best way of doing it in 19.1 with all the changes.