We are trying to get all of our various webservices migrated to 19.1 so we can take advantage of the features.

1) Took a working 18.2 SOAP based webservice and migrated using the wizard to 19.1
2) Removed the old share in IIS.
3) Registered the web app in 19.1 studio and recompiled.
4) No errors (except what I expected with obsolete code etc)

When accessing the 19.1 webservice I see the session open but I am getting SOAP errors on the consuming app. And the session does not close. Accessing it again opens a new session. The old session remains in the list. Neither one works. I cannot terminate the session(s) by right click Terminate. Tried restarting the web app. And even more weird if I try restarting the service, the service just hangs on Stopping and I have to bounce the server. No errors in the Windows Application Events.

On this server we have existing 19.1 webservices running (JSON based). So I know 19.1 works at least for those (handler mappings etc.)

If I go back and reinstall the 18.2 webservice it works fine.

Any ideas?