Absolutely not. This “feature” trips up lots of people and I think it should be addressed, however it needs to go through the full DAW review process so that we get a generic, future proof and backward compatible solution.

It will need changes / extensions to the compiler. The compiler will need to known not to perform parameter substitution within the string literal and a new check command so the warning can be raised if substitution is about to happen within string literals. Also extensions to the compiler warning system so that the warning can be suppressed where substitution within string literals is required (most of the current usage).

If the compiler has been rewritten for DF20 then hopefully all that should be fairly easy, if not then DAW are in the normal territory within the compiler code – here be dragons, here be lots of dragons.

Is this high / should this be high on the list. Adding details information in all the relevant sections of the help and a blog detailing why and how-to workaround the problem may be an adequate short term solution.