Fifth time’s the charm?

My main customer told me yesterday that, as of tomorrow, they will no longer be doing any new work or even bug fixes that “can be worked around”. They are ditching DataFlex and going with a semi-custom system that they now say will be in place soon. While I knew this was coming at some point, this announcement was a complete surprise, as I had expected at least some warning.

There are a few items in the development area finishing up testing, but I suddenly find myself with greatly reduced work: a 5 year average of 30-35 hours per week from this company will now be maybe 1 or 2.

So, my quest for new work has changed from “I’d like to find something in the next few months” to “I need to find something now”. While one person asked me to do a short project a couple of months ago & I had to say no because of time demands at that time, I am now interested in and available for all projects large or small.