Long-time DF Developer seeking new work, preferably remote, as I love where I live. I’m certainly happy to travel as needed though.

I’ve been working with DF since version 1.1, so I do have some experience with the language.

Over the years I have worked on systems for many industries, however my main focus has been manufacturing and automotive. These systems have been both small and large – from a family run auto parts store up to a 3/4 billion/year manufacturing company. I have also worked on legal, travel, and various sales systems. I mostly work with SQL databases – particularly MS SQL and MySQL, though my smaller systems still use the embedded DB.

My expertise is in Windows development, though I’ve created many web services & interfaces to external software. While able and willing to work on my own on smaller systems/projects, I have years of experience as a project leader, working with company and external developers to implement and support large systems. No developer can know it all – so I’ve found it works well to bring in developers with differing areas of expertise as needed: Web, SQL, .Net, etc. Doing so also means greater flexibility: bring in someone for a project, but not have to pay them full time.

I & the teams I’ve worked with have converted many character mode DF systems to Windows – truly converting them to Windows applications, not just mirrors of a CM system with a prettier interface. The user interface is, in my opinion, second in importance only to reliability – so I focus on developing user-friendly systems that do not intimidate the people who have to use it.

If you could use someone like this or would like more information, please contact me through the forum’s email link & we can continue the conversation via email, Skype, phone, or in person.