DataFlex 2019 Studio 19.1
DataFlex Version: 19.1.58
Studio Build:
Windows 10

Changing the FontPointHeight property in the TextBox component, for example, no longer automatically resizes the studio editor as it did in version 19.0.
This happens when the [Auto_Size_State] property is false.
This only happens in the studio editor.
When you run the application everything works accordingly.

I migrated from version 19.0 to 19.1.58 and have several such cases in my application.
Is this a property I need to enable? Or is it something related to windows? Because I tried everything to normalize in the studio editor and couldn't do it.
I am using 100% scale in windows. Already tried to change and nothing happens.

I even created a new workspace and the same thing happens.
See images of what is happening.

Object oApplication is a cApplication
    Set pbLegacyDialogRatio to True
    Set pbUseWindowsFont to True
    Set pbPreserveEnvironment to False
    Set peHelpType to htHtmlHelp
    Set pbEnterKeyAsTabKey to True

Object oTextBox1 is a TextBox
    Set Auto_Size_State to False
    Set Size to 10 111
    Set Location to 23 18
    Set Label to "Today is not a happy day"
    Set FontPointHeight to 26
    Set Color to clGreen
    Set TextColor to clWhite
    Set Justification_Mode to JMode_Center

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