Hi there. I asked this question beofre, and received a lot of confusing responses, so I thought I would try again. This time, I will keep it simple.

I have a view, which the user will enter data and hit a "calculate" button. One of my users has a bad habit of leaving data (from the previous calculation) in a form within that view, and entering new data -- and then hitting the "calculate" button again.

As you can imagine, the calculated results are not what anyone expects -- because the user left data from the previous calculation in the new calculation.

I want to provide the user with a "RESET" button, which will clear ALL DATA from the forms within the view.

Surely there is a simple command like "Clearform oWood_146" or "Clearform oTabPage1" that I can use... (Ideally, I just want to clear the specific Tab Page -- not the entire View which has 8 Tab Pages.)

I would rather not write custom code to clear all 31 forms on that one Tab Page.

Thank you!