I am not sure if this is the correct forum to post, but it seemed the most fitting.

I have used GitHub for many, many, years now. One of my pet peeves is that GitHub displays my repos as written in "Assembly" or some other languange. It never shows "DataFlex"

Over the years, I've tried to find ways to inform GitHub about DataFlex and requested that they add it the list of languages, but I never got much luck. UNTIL NOW!

There is a GitHub project called "Linguist" which is the software they use to identify the languages used in a repo.

I have started working on a pull request for Linguist that would include DataFlex. Ya!!!

So, instead of starting completely from scratch, I was thinking of looking at how other languages are defined in Linguist and find one as similar as possible to DataFlex (I know there really are none, but just looking for 'similar' in some ways) and use that as a starting point.

My question to you is: What other language is the most similar to DataFlex?

Also, if you are interested in looking at the Linguist project, here is the URL.