I am all for avoiding developers to have this false sense of security and create potential pitfalls.

This could come in adding security into the examples, video’s, presentations or an extended framework around the DD’s that has a powerful api for UI.

Until such time, you could e.g. just set a view property in AllowAccess and read this in e.g. a button action.

The real deal for me would be if the framework would know that a form ‘went out’ as pbVisible false or pbRender false, should never accept a changed value.
Yes I know that you could have logic that in js changes these by design, but I think that could be solved with another property pbAllowClientRenderChangeState.
Or so.

Or if the above is really not possible, have a new property pbProtectValue. If this is set, a checksum is sent to the client of the value and an internal key. If in return the checksum is not correct, it is tampered with. This property could be true on pbRender or pbVisible being false.

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