Having issue with a cWebList constrain keeping the current row visible when it shouldn't.

cWeblist showing rows normally, you have any row "selected" as the current row.
Apply a new constrain rule (rebuild_constraints) with a criteria where all rows should be gone. the result should be an empty list.

But the current row remains in the cweblist.

To refresh the weblist I am calling RefreshListFromDD .

    Procedure OnChange String sNewValue String sOldValue
        Forward Send OnChange sNewValue sOldValue
        Send Rebuild_Constraints of (Main_DD(Self)) 
        Send RefreshListFromDD  of oList
This is the initial state... 3rd row selected..
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Now, if I apply the constrain and refresh the list.. it should be empty, but the current row is left there. but its violating the constraint criteria.
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Name:	weblist_constraint_currentrow_post.PNG 
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