Can we please have a Folder selector dialog for Next Gen, please? This is something that I'm afraid has been overlooked for a long time now.

What I mean is having the following Studio feature wrapped up into a class;

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The snapshot is a sample taken from the Studio when the "Find" dialog's "Browse..." button is clicked.

I know there are other solutions available and even those developed entirely in DataFlex such as this dialog which I happen to use myself;
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Name:	DFLocalFolderSelector.png 
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It is just that the first dialog IS SO MUCH BETTER TO USE AND MORE FLEXIBLE. And when Unicode/x64 comes into play it gets even more complicated to "roll-your-own". This would be a HUGE TIME SAVER to us all when we struggle to try to provide folder selector dialog(s) for users, while running our programs.

Is it complicated for DAW to allow us to have at least limited access to the DfFolderDialog.dll that I believe is used for the first dialog? If so, perhaps copy the bits that is needed for the folder selector into its own component and wrap a class around it?

What do others think about the idea?