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Thread: Web App Styler for DataFlex 19.1 is Published

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    Default Re: Web App Styler for DataFlex 19.1 is Published

    Hi Edgar,

    click the I button to see the Help for the Styler.

    it's really not that complex:
    - Go to the Styler
    - Select a color palette to use from New (unless you just want to start with your own)
    - Select a Base Theme (e.g. Material)
    - Expand the Variations group on the left. By default, Calculate is checked and the Variations are calculated from the Main color. By unchecking Calculate, you can select your own colors here.
    - See how the colors apply to the mock up views on the right. The views are fully functional, play around with them to see more. If you use Material or Flat Touch, you can even click on the list and drill down into another view.
    - If you like a Theme, Save it as your own and/or Download it to apply to your own Web App.
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