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Thread: Server DDO's current record does not match psCurrentRowId

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    Default Server DDO's current record does not match psCurrentRowId

    Hi everybody

    I am having a problem I don't really understand.

    I have a cWebGrid which is throwing the following error every time I try to change to a new row:

    Assert: Server DDO's current record does not match psCurrentRowId
    DataFlex Error#: 4402 in line: 26611.
    There doesn't seem to be anything very special about the Grid. The same overall logic works in the Windows version. If I convert it to a cWebList (not actually a viable solution, BTW - I need it to enter data) there is no problem.

    The grid's Server is set to a child DDO, while all of the Entry_Items are on a (non-constraining) parent table of that DDO - there is another (constraining) parent. The actual error is happening in AllowChangeSelectedRow in the cWebGrid.pkg (line 307), which is why there is no problem in a cWebList - in that AllowChangeSelectedRow just returns True; not so with the grid.

    The problem is that the list's Server object does not seem to have a current RowID.

    The following code in the object seems to fix the problem (by brute-forcing the Grid's server to have the correct row loaded before it hits the assertion in AllowChangeSelectedRow), but I'm worried that it might really just be hiding it, not actually solving it:
                            Function ChangeCurrentRow String sGotoRow String sToRowID Returns Boolean
                                String  sRowID
                                RowID   riRowId riD
                                Boolean bOK
                                Handle  hoServer
                                WebGet psCurrentRowId               to sRowID
                                Move (DeserializeRowID(sRowID))     to riRowId
                                Get Server                          to hoServer
                                Get CurrentRowId of hoServer        to riDD       // This is always empty
                                If not (IsSameRowID(riRowId, riDD)) ;
                                    Send FindByRowId of hoServer (Main_File(hoServer)) riRowID
                                Forward Get ChangeCurrentRow sGotoRow sToRowID to bOK
                                Function_Return bOK
    If I comment-out the lines in blue, the error occurs and navigating off the row fails; with them in, it works.

    And before you ask the obvious question: "Could it be to do with the DDO structure?"... the answer it "Yes, I am afraid it could" - there are almost 60 involved (so as complicated as all whatever!), but that structure is (AFAIK) identical to the one in the (working) Windows version (I copied it).

    Anybody have an idea what might be wrong and why/how it could be happening?


    (PS - v19.1.58)
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