Hello guys!
I'm trying to use font icons as much as possible within our web application because they are simpler to use than standard CSS images and more consistent. I have used them succesfully on cWebButtons and other components but I can't use them on others. These are the questions:

  1. I can display an information (i) icon on a button with the following code on application.css (using Flat Desktop theme):
    .Info button:before,
    .Info> div> span.WebItm_Icon:before {
        content: "M";
    When I try to assign this CSS class to a cWebColumnButton, it will display just "M" and not the actual icon. Is there a way to use a font icon for this component?
  2. Is there a list of components which support font icons? The documentation only says cWebMenuItem, cWebButton, cWebColumnButton and cWebListSwipeButton are supported. It would be nice to use them on a cWebLabel for example.
  3. Can we use different "application.css" files based on the current theme? I ask this because similar font icons have different codes depending on the theme. Take a look at the "settings" icon on the Font Reference file: On Flat Desktop it has the value "1" while on Material it has the value "". Another solution would be to support just one of those themes and drop the other, but it would be neat to let each client choose whatever he likes.