It is no secret that I use The Hammer for writing a lot of my code.
As it is a reasonably sized project with a variety of difficulty levels, it is also a pretty good candidate for experimenting with the new DataFlex 20 features.

Yesterday's head scratcher for the 64 bit rewrite was structure padding alignment
So it gives me a good way to practice the techniques I need to be able to use and learn from that.
The bonus is that it benefits the community as well as myself by having another tool you can use.

Bringing the Hammer code to DF20 also forced me to bring the code more up to date.
I might even run DfRefactor over it one of these days for that same purpose.
Never did that in the past as it was a good test candidate for DfRefactor, so I actually ran it often, just not committed the changes to the repository.

Forgot to mention in the opening post, but you can compile The Hammer 4.0 UNSTABLE version both in DF19.1 as well as DF20.0.

edit: Also forgot to say that I am amazed at how stable the DataFlex 20 Tech Preview already is at this moment. REALLY well done DAW team!