Over the weekend I played a bit with The Hammer 4.0 source and its DLL components to bring it over to DataFlex 2020 in 64 bit mode.

That seems to have worked as it compiles fine to 64 bit and even runs and appears to work well.

Please do _not_ use this preview for editing your projects as I do consider it crash happy at this moment. Just that I do not currently know a way to make it crash for the moment, does not make it stable and reliable.
It is my believe that this is just because I have used it in the happy code path.

So for you available to play with, test and make it crash is the first Hammer 4.0 preview:

If you are able to make it crash in a reproducible way then please let me know here (or via email).

OTOH if you do like to use the Hammer for editing your code then please use the stable Hammer 3 release candidate available at:
(I expect to release another update to that one soonish)