Build of the DataFlex SQL Connectivity Kits is available.

Connectivity Kit includes new features, changes, and bug fixes published with the October build (19.1.58) of DataFlex 2019 Studio, Windows Clients and WebApp Server. Customers licensed for Connectivity Kits that have any DataFlex Connectivity Kit build prior to are encouraged to update to the latest version.

The ZIP file is designed to install the new drivers in application environments already running prior SQL Connectivity Kits. For the Client environment the only folders needed are BIN (where DLL and other system files are) and USR (for the new error file) but note that not all files in those folders are required in deployment environments. Please, refer to the DataFlex Help for application deployment instructions.

For full details of the Connectivity Kit enhancements, download the ReadMe which also includes installation instructions. To install the new drivers, download the Connectivity Kit Update ZIP file and follow the instructions in the ReadMe.

You may use this forum to make inquiries, seek assistance and see others’ progress with this update.