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In the MSSQL DB there are extended fields. See Vincent's blog.

These are mad cool, and very useful, particularly in conjunction with "database Documentation tools" like THIS ONE.

the huge problem here is that when you use "structure start" and "structure End" to restructure the table, df Deletes the existing table and then re-creates it. In doing so, all the 'MS_Description' fields are lost. thus destroying all the hard work that went into documenting the DB in the first place.

Is there a way the CK can get smarter about extended table attributes, and not trash them when adding a new column?

Haven't made the jump to MSSQL yet, though we have most of the licences, but that doc tool looks crazy good. My biggest bugbear has always been the inability to add notes to a database in human-readable form. DD commentary is fine as far as it goes, but some things need expansion.