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    The error range 121 to 4095 is for developer designed errors. Errors from 1-120 and above 4096 are reserved for tools, drivers, compiler etc. So the 10000 is not a good idea.

    But then let's say we mark each error between 121 and 4095 as user error; that is not a good idea as you really might want to see the callstack. If you really want a user error number here use the DFERR_OPERATOR error in your code, so:
    Set Field_Error Field tTestBatch.Production_Lot to DFERR_OPERATOR "You MUST select a Production lot from the popup list."

    DFERR_OPERATOR is marked as user error.

    If you want to keep 404 in use then register this error as user error
    Send AddUserError of Error_Object_Id 404
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