I am trying to set up nested lists inside a cWebHTMLBox using the following code:Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	ResetPasswordDF.png 
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        Object oInstructions is a cWebHtmlBox            Set piColumnSpan to 0

            Set psHtml to     ('<h2>Reset Password</h2>'+;
            'Please Enter you new password in the Form below then enter it again in the second Form.'+;
            'The only restrictions on passwords are that they must:'+;
            '<ul style="list-style: inside circle">'+;
            '   <li> be Between 12 and 100 characters long</li>'+;
            '   <li> contain at least:'+;
            '     <ul style="list-style: inside circle">'+;
            '         <li>one Uppercase-letter</li>'+;
            '         <li>one Lower-Case letter</li>'+;
            '         <li>one Number</li>'+;
            "         <li>one of the following special characters $ - _ . + ! * ' )</li>"+;
            '     </ul>'+;
            '   </li>'+;
            '<br>We do recommend that you use several words with spaces between which can give you a very strong password which is easy to remember.')

I had expected to get ResetPassword.png which is the above html code in a separate file which has been opened in the same browser as DF. However I got ReserPasswordDF.png which doesn't have the second list embedded in the first.
Any suggestions?