I've implemented a "DraggableWebList" (currently not open-source, but I can ask the client if that would be an option). It involved quite a bit of patching of the various (JavaScript) classes behind cWebList, which are currently not at all made with this possibility in mind. It's certainly doable now, but doing it right would involve some fundamental changes (to cWebList et al).

Grids are another thing. There's inheritance in play, but given that cWebList is actually 12 classes, I'm pretty sure the patches I've made for cWebList will not work with cWebGrid.

Also note that because draggability is not built-in or even considered in the current design, merely extending the public API was not enough in my implementation. I needed to patch internal/private API, which of course changes more frequently, so my current solution, which was originally made for 18.1 (I think) has broken with every release since then.