I have a dbView in an application that won't re-appear after clicking the 'X' button to close it.

The view's opening after the use statements:

Activate_View Activate_oServiceCreationTroubleshooting for ViewInQuestion
Object ViewInQuestion is a dbView
A button in another view calls it with

Send PresentStuff of ViewInQuestion
which is the following procedure:

   Procedure PresentStuff
      Send Activate_View of ViewInQuestion
Then even if I do nothing else before hitting the 'X' button on VeiwInQuestion, the next time I hit the button in the calling view nothing appears.

I've checked ViewInQuestion's Active_State and it's active, but doesn't appear.
If I add the following code to PresentStuff the view appears (but doesn't initially fill with data like it does the first time) and then throws an error when I try to close it:

integer bVisible
Get Visible_State of ViewInQuestion to bVisible
Of course that makes absolutely no sense to me either.
Is there something I'm missing here? Is this expected behaviour for the code I've given it?