OK, this is a stupid problem which just shouldn't be happening, but is. It is late and my brain is borked, so I just can't think my way through it and need help.

I have two bits of identical code, working on exactly the same data, one in a Windows app and one in a web app. The Windows one works, the web app one does not.
Function FindCodeMastByCode Global;
    String Type#;  // "CELLPREFIX"
    String Code#;  // "083"
    Returns Integer
    Clear CodeMast
    Move Type#                            to CodeMast.Type  // but contains "        " after the Move
    Move Code#                            to CodeMast.Code  // but contains "        " after the Move
    Find EQ CodeMast by Index.1
    Function_Return (Found)
Just hard coding this into the WebApp after the oAppication object works exactly as expected:
Open CodeMast
Move "083" to CODEMAST.CODE
Find eq CODEMAST by Index.1
Move Found to WindowIndex
It as if something in the WebApp is making the CodeMast buffer read-only so that I can't seed it... but just in the web app.

Any help for my tired brain would be gratefully appreciated.