Hi All,

I see that this question has been asked several times in the past and there are a few solutions, but i'm still running in to problems.

We have a need to create multiple instances of the same view.

There isn't a definite number of instances we need to create. That will depend on a customers setup.

I can see that there is a hack of setting Activate_oView_obj to 0.

But i'm uneasy about that technique as it's not supported.

So I would prefer to create a class and create instances of it when necessary.

So I've created a small sample application for testing.

I've subclassed dbView and just set some properties (size). I create an instance of the class and load it using Activate_View of hoView in a option in the 'View' menu.

I keep running in to unhandled exception errors that cause the program to crash.

The first was when I created the second instance. There was something about the Auto_Top_Item_State or Auto_Top_Panel_State that was causing a problem. Settings these to false stopped that error happening.

Now i'm getting an unhandled exception when closing the application.

It's probably something to do with how I am creating the instance of the class and activating it.

Would anyone have some sample code of this scenario as to how it *should* be done?

Any help would be much appreciated.