Yes I understood.

When Harm came to Brazil to introduce Next Gen, I think he started from version 19.0 / 19.1.

This unexpected studio break occurred suddenly after I entered a new command on 19.1.56. (It made no sense).

Luckily for me, the release of 19.1.58 happened and the symptom disappeared.

So if on this clean machine you install 19.1.58 and can call studio and compile, it might shed some light.

As I did not expect the release of 20.0, I ended up deleting the code from this area, which aborted the studio.

With the code already modified at the moment, I just ran a test on 20.0 and everything looks normal, with the reported warnings and symptoms being Studio 20.0 at the moment, for me it doesn't abort.

Anyway, good luck.