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DataFlex 2020 is just one of the extra reasons to abandon Crystal Reports. Crystal Reports latest version dates from March 2016, so soon 4 years ago).

We know the limitations of DataFlex Reports and we never stated that it would be a full rewrite of Crystal Reports.

Combine constant text and variable data is should be done via functions and we know you cannot mark up the text then. This "simple" text markup is on the list but it is not decided when we will work on this.

I am surprised to see Crystal Reports had a justify option as it is not a feature of the Windows API, so they must have developed something on their own. I personally never used justify in any report but that does not mean no-one does. What are you using it for?

Thanks for the feedback Vincent, keep in mind that all requests come from my customers, maybe here in south america the justify feature is more common.


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this customer in specific have a report to print a "contract" which have more than 10 pages, filled with text markup, custom font and images, when i tried to rewrite on dr, I had difficulties on text markup, justfy, combine constant with variables, with many objects the dr IDE get very slowed...

now i'm on 80% of my reports written on DR working good, but the others 20% it's a big headache