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It is an error given by Crystal itself. You have no control over this from DataFlex.

Note that Crystal XI should be really be replaced. The latest XI version is over 14 years old, there is no support from the current owners and there will be no 64 bit unicode version. On top of that this version does not know about all changes made in databases such as MSSQL over the past 14 years.

yeah NextGen just arrived and i still have some reports on crystal, i really don't want to use crystal anymore, but its sad that DF Reports cant do basic function that crystal do 14 years ago.

it's a pain to edit a function with text + db_fields, some times i really need to edit my text with colors, bold etc...it's a lot more easily doing it on crystal

and the big point -> JUSTIFY

you get my point? how can i explain to my customer that i cant justify their text on 2020?