Hi -

I don't believe the DF version matters - though it's most likely always been this way.

With it true, if you try to save the record after changing it, you get an error msg. OK - good. However, if you really can't change it - shouldn't DF change it back to what it was?

I had an instance on a view where a user accidentally changed a part #. They then clicked a button that gets the Field_Current_Value of the Part # & creates a child record with it. Thing is, it got the changed (wrong) value & made a mess when it tried to create an orphan.

I could add a Request_Save in the button, which would put the focus back in the Part # form, but this is awkward, as they have to clear & refind the record.

Someone have a better way of dealing with this? Thoughts on having DF automagically changing it back?