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Thread: Command Get_Foreign_Profile_String is broken

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    Default Re: Command Get_Foreign_Profile_String is broken

    OK... tracked this one down.

    It is the Set_Foreign_Profile_String in the Hammer that causes this.

    Will add a little reproducable proggie in a minute.

    Use Windows.pkg
    Procedure ShowBug
        String sKey
        Set_Registry_Root to HKEY_CURRENT_USER  "SOFTWARE"
        Move "Data Access Worldwide\DataFlex Tools\20.0\Studio" to sKey
        Set_Foreign_Profile_String sKey "Workspaces" "Current Workspace" to "Just about anything"
    Showln "Click OK to Change, check your registry setting now"
    Inkey WindowIndex
    Send ShowBug
    Showln "Check registry again"
    Inkey WindowIndex
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