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    Exclamation Welcome to the DataFlex 2020 Testing Forum!

    What is DataFlex 2020?

    DataFlex 2020 is the start of the newest generation of DataFlex, allowing your applications to take advantage of both 64-bit and full Unicode support.

    We are pleased to announce the availability of DataFlex 2020 Beta 1!

    The Beta 1 release is an important milestone that signifies the product is “feature complete”. During Beta, we continue to improve various features (both old and new), address bugs and improve the documentation in preparation for full release.
    The Beta 1 release provides:

    Full 64-bit & Unicode Support

    DataFlex 2020 is 64-bit capable and fully Unicode, unlocking the power of 64-bit environments and supporting multiple languages in a single application. Beta 1 contains the SQL drivers for Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, MySQL and other back-ends supported through ODBC (including MariaDB and Oracle).

    WebApp Framework Improvements

    • The new cWebTagsForm allows the selection of multiple items, represented by boxes/balloons called tags.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	WebTagsForm.jpg 
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    • There is a demo view using WebTagsForm in the WebOrder example.
    • Enhanced security on hidden and disabled objects that validates if UI objects are actually displayed (pbRender, pbVisible) and enabled (pbEnabled) before performing operations on them.
    • The WebApp Framework has a new psSessionCookieSameSite property that resolves the samesite warnings in FireFox.
    • cWebForm now uses the inputmode attribute to determine what keyboard should be displayed on touch devices. This new attribute is also a better fit for how the framework handles masking.
    • Improved cWebProgressBar pbShowPercentage support in Df_Material theme.
    • New OnCollapse & OnExpand events in cWebGroup*
    • New pbAutoTab support in cWebForm*
    • UnSyncWebProperty for client web properties*
    • Dynamic Web Objects*
    • HTML List control*
    • Geolocation API*
    • Improved message format*

    Studio Dark Theme

    We've added a Dark Theme to the DataFlex Studio! You configure it by selecting the Dark Theme option from Configure Studio… on the Tools menu.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DarkTheme.jpg 
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ID:	14024


    When working with various SQL back-ends, it’s important to understand how each one deals with Unicode. The Working with DataFlex 2020 section of the Help covers Microsoft SQL Server in detail, but we have created a series of guides for other SQL environments and important information about working in the Unicode world…

    • How to set up and test using MySQL
    • How to set up and test using MariaDB
    • How to set up and test using IBM DB2
    • How to set up and test using Oracle
    • Table Character Format in DataFlex 2020
    • Padding and Trimming in SQL Databases

    The updated drivers also reduce the default memory used in Web Applications and provide Unicode support for all styles of WebApps including ASP classic.

    WebApp Server

    DataFlex 2020 includes improvements to how web applications are managed that are not specific to the Unicode and 64-bit capabilities that are the main thrust of the new release.

    • Maximum concurrent sessions limit per WebApp*
    • Improved automatic re-load of process*
    • Improved logic when a process is in an error state*
    • Run WebApps under specific user accounts*
    • Maximum processes per application server in SPLF configurations*
    • Fixed issue that when disabling a webapp in the administrator it asked for a restart*
    • Enforce the maximum number of licensed web applications for Application Servers
    • Enforce the maximum number of licensed Application Servers for DataFlex Web (SPLF) Servers
    • Improved communication between Web Servers and Application Servers regarding updates on running & stopped processes


    • We have updated the handling of evaluation periods and activation with technology similar to the functionality we’ve used for years in DataFlex Reports
    • New folder selection dialog - The new cSelectFolderDialog class can be used to display a modern folder selection dialog in Windows
    • Added support for pbVisible to List and Grid columns
    • Fixed CurrentDateTime expression not resulting in timespan issue
    • Improved documentation on Broadcast Recursive with return value
    • New OEM/ANSI wizard in database builder - see Table Character Format in DataFlex 2020 for more information
    • Added new 'Copy full file path' and 'Copy filename' options to the Studio
    • Raised RunProgram argument size limitations
    • Updated SQL conversion wizard to Convert to standard tables by default
    • New Flush_Output command*
    • Command line / console compiler*
    • Various documentation improvements
    • Various bug fixes

    [Items marked with * were first implemented during the Alpha releases]

    How to get started...

    • For an overview of DataFlex 2020, watch Harm Wibier's “DataFlex 2020" presentation from EDUC 2020.
    • Download DataFlex 2020 Beta 1
    • Read the What's New section of the documentation
      • Step-by-step instructions on everything from initial experimentation though application migration
      • Deep technical detail on using Unicode and 64-bit in DataFlex 2020

    • Provide Feedback to your development team and interact with Developers worldwide that are using DataFlex 2020 right here in this Forum

    We know you'll find working with the DataFlex 2020 as exciting as we do!

    Best regards,

    Your Development team
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