Hello guys. I am looking for a clean way to use cWebResourceManager. We have several components in our web app in which we generate (DataFlex Reports, CSV, Excel,...) or decrypt files on a temporary folder. Then users download that files and once they have received them, we would like to automatically delete those files from that folder.
I use CustomDownloadURL or DownloadURL in order to do that and everything works nicely but the files are kept on the temp folder. I have tried using the procedure FileDownloadFinished to delete them after they are downloaded with something like this:
Procedure FileDownloadFinished String sPath
    // Logs the file downloaded, time, user,...
    Send LogFileDownload sPath
    EraseFile sPath
But that procedure won't trigger. I have seen some similar threads on the forum, but I haven't been able to make it work. What are you doing for similar cases? Am I missing something or just using it in a wrong way?