Let me start by thanking everyone for all your extremely vaulable help. I know you don't have to volunteer your time to help folks like me, and I wanted you to know I appreciate it.

My question is this: Is there a way to automatically find a record, just after the user clicks on the "save button"?

DataFlex Default: When the user clicks the save button, DataFlex asks "Confirm? Save this record?". The user clicks on "YES", and DataFlex saves the record, and then CLEARS THE RECORD.

In my application, DataFlex clearing the record creates problems for the user. I need a way to stop the record from being cleared after the save routine, OR the record needs to be found after the save routine.

At this point, I must admit, I thought I knew how to do it and tried it myself before posting here... I went into the Data Dictionary, clicked on "Events", then clicked on "OnSaveRecord", and then tried to add some code to find the next record. What I ended up doing was really screwing up the Data Dictionary such that it wouldn't compile, and it actually vanished from my list of Data Dictionaries in my workspace! I managed to get it all back from a recent backup, but now the "OnSaveRecord" lightning bolt is black, which I assume means it has been edited. I do not think it's been edited -- I think it's back to original, but I can't explain the black lightning bolt! Thank GOD for backups!

Frustrated (yet somehow proud at the same time),
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