Was making some datetime calculations, and got surprised when got a non-expected result.

just calculating timespan between 2 datetime variables. Was expecting to get negative results, if dt1 is lower than dt2, but ...

And for my disappointment, its even documented.

DateTime and TimeSpan Arithmetic

DateTime and TimeSpan arithmetic works according to the following table:
Operation Result
TimeSpan - TimeSpan
TimeSpan (result is always a positive difference)

Any strong reason for that ? Why the timespan can't be negative ?

Having the timespan representing the real truth, can help in programing in several circustances..
Now, with this limitation, I will be forced to 1st compare both dt vars, to see which is greater, and then calculate the diff, and worst, need another adidional variable to tell me if that is negative or not. (as I need the timespan dff to use later... )

DAW, any plans to get rid of this limitation ?