We have a multitude of (db)forms set as Form_Datatype = Mask_Numeric_Window

Now, the user wants to "insert" a value/number within a form but apparently numeric masked forms defaults to overwrite rather than insert.

Can this be changed ?

To illustrate the issue:

  Object oForm1 is a Form
    Set Size to 13 100
    Set Location to 36 57
    Set Value to "12456"
    Set Label to "Price:"
    Set Label_Col_Offset to 25
    // Form Masking/DataType
    Set Form_Datatype to Mask_Numeric_Window
    Set Form_Mask to "*,0.00"              

  1. Create a view with a FORM as per example above, compile and Run.
  2. You will see a form with a value of "12456"
  3. The task is to insert "3" between 2 & 4
  4. Click on Form or move cursor/caret to between the number 2 & 4
  5. Type 3
  6. Notice: the the number 4 is overwritten/overstruck with 3


  1. How do I get get the form to insert the number 3 when typed, instead of overwriting ?

Help ?