Hello Albin,

Yes, Thank You for help. I found this already.

It is quite possible to have single WebApp Workspace (AppHtml, Programs etc) for this:

Company1.wso (Application=Company1)
Company2.wso (Application=Company2)
Company1.ws (\\server\db\Company1)
Company2.ws (\\server\db\Company2)

Then basic parsers of URL in GLOBAL.ASA (VBS) and INDEX.HTML (JS) to extract company name and use respective Session Initializing and WSO.

Finally, perhaps some changes will be required across of application.

But actually, it is interim solution before Multi-tenancy mode due to particular specific situation.

Sergey V Natarov

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What we do is that we have one AppHtml folder per customer.
So inside our appFolder is:

You will need to change the "WebServiceDispatcher" inside each appHtml folder so that application points right.
Also you need to change "global.asa" inside every appHtml folder so that it points right like: WebAppServerSession.Initialize("Company1").

Then you can have 1 "WebApp.exe" and have multiple applications running this exe.