Even though the limited documentation and Learning Center videos both mention dashboards, none of the navigate* commands appear in the sample. I'm going to experiment, but I'm wondering if anyone has subclassed something like the following. I'm particularly interested in where you put the WebRegisterPath command. End_Construct_Object? OnLoad?

            Object oCommentsTile is a cWebHtmlBox
                Set pbServerOnClick to True
                Set piColumnSpan to 6
                Set piColumnIndex to 6
                Set psCSSClass to "Tile DarkAlternate"
                Set psHtml to '<div class="WebCon_Sizer" data-ServerOnClick="openview"><div class="Tile_Icon WebIcon_Add"></div><div class="Tile_TextUnderIcon">Send Your Comments</div></div>'

                WebRegisterPath ntNavigateForward oZoomComments

                Procedure OnClick String sId String sParam
                    Send NavigatePath
                Procedure OnGetNavigateForwardData tWebNavigateData ByRef NavigateData Handle hoToView
                    Move True to NavigateData.bNewRecord