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Thread: Setting the psWPSecret property

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    Default Setting the psWPSecret property

    Can anyone help me with reinstating a DF4WP connection please.

    In Dataflex 2016 18.2 we had a Wordpress site accessing another server running a Dataflex webapp. The customer upgraded their site and I am having trouble getting the plugin working with the new site. The documentation 'TheDF4WPPlugin.pdf' mentions a 32 character "Secret" which is needed to set the psWPSecret property in the web application. I can't find any reference to this property in the web app that was working with the old site. Is this psWPSecret just a generic name? The closest I can find is psWPEncryptSecret in cWPWebApp.pkg but I can't see where this value is actually set.

    Any advice would be appreciated thanks. Paul

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    Looking into this, it is an error in the documentation (my bad! ).

    The doc refers, as you say, to psWPSecret, while the actual property in the cWPWebApp.pkg is psWPEncryptSecret. This (psWPEncryptSecret) is what you should set to the entered, or generated, 32-character string from the plugin: where in the DF4WP plugin's dashboard (DataFlex for WordPress (DF4WP) Plugin Settings) it says "Secret (32 characters):".

    I'll fix this in the original of that document (I just did it, in fact), but the problem with PDF's is that they are fixed. I'll talk to Data Access about correcting that.


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