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Thread: CAPLOCK/NUMLOCK state not working.

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    Default CAPSLOCK/NUMLOCK state not working.


    With the codejock statusbar, you can use a special statusbarpane for "Capslockstatus" and "NumlockStatus".

    In Dataflex 19.1 with Codejock 18.3 this is not working (pane is always empty).
    Can this be fixed or is this a Codejock 18.3 bug?
    The Codejock order sample has the same behavior. So no need for sample code.

    Regards IJmert.

    (fixed this temporary with the following code...)

                Object oNumPane is a cCJStatusBarPane
                    Set piWidth to 40
                    // Set piId to sbpIDNumLock
                    Object oIdleHandler is a cIdleHandler
                        Set pbEnabled to True
                        Procedure OnIdle
                            Boolean bHit
                            Move (GetKeyState(VK_NUMLOCK))  to bHit
                            Set psText to (If (bHit,'NUM',''))
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