Hi -

DF has not worked with Crystal for many versions (17.something I think?) as they only connected to CRXI, which is no longer supported *. If you are using MS SQL for a backend & use Mertech's driver, they have a product called Flex2Crystal that will let you run Crystal 2016.

In DataFlex Reports (DR), I have had to use images to display justified, partially bolded/underlined/italicized text. In my case it was similar to yours (I believe) where I had to display legalese exactly as the attorneys had written it. So, I put the contract in MS Word, bolded, etc. what was needed that way, then took a snip of that word document & put that image in the DR. Far from ideal & it does display less clearly than regular text, but it was deemed acceptable (but not wonderful) by the client.

* One can create RVs to connect to CRXI & run them in later versions, but the wizards are only in earlier versions. I have not tried any later than 19.0 - but it does "work".