i'm a little bit confuse about the new url's management, my software is build under ModalDialog views, so how can i properly play with url?

the peApplicationStateMode property is set to asmHistoryAndUrls

when i send psLoadViewOnClick to my ModalDialog view my url is corretly updated:

e.g. http://localhost/GROUPERP191/Index.html#WC0031 (view = WC0031)

but when i close the ModalDialog and the system goes back to the menu my url still showing closed view (WC0031)

i recently migrated my project to 19.1, so there may be a change to be a mistake or a forgotten configuration...

Can i manually clean my url (onHide)? how?

i'm trying to avoid customize system pkg, may be a hard work to migrate in a future

or my software architecture is wrong and i can't properly use url/history management